En Honduras y Miami, el fraude financiero de la pandemia // Pandemic financial fraud

Contracorriente, July 2020. With Jennifer Ávila. In English here. La pandemia cayó al mundo del fraude. La compra de los hospitales móviles y otras irregularidades en el manejo de la pandemia en Honduras pone en evidencia algo que ha sido muy común en el fraude, la evasión de impuestos y el lavado de activos: las... Continue Reading →

José Ángel Flores: Paramilitaries and African Palm in Honduras

June 2020, available here. From the book, Faces of Assassination, published by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime. On 20 December 2013, José Ángel Flores Menjivar wrote the list. The 63-year-old president of the Unified Campesino Movement of the Aguán (MUCA in Spanish), a farmworkers’ cooperative in the Bajo Aguán region of Honduras, put 29... Continue Reading →

The Criminal Age // Tiempo de crímenes

Contra Corriente, Oct 2019, New York. En español aquí. With Jennifer Ávila. A trial in New York reveals narco control in Honduras   *This article has been amended since its original publication to reflect changing news.  Tony Hernández is a former congressman from Honduras' ruling National Party and the brother of the sitting president. Since... Continue Reading →

Deported into a Nightmare

The Atlantic, June 2018, Honduras. Edwin Vásquez, a 16-year-old, is learning how to live with fear. One afternoon last fall, as he played soccer on a field near his house in La Rivera Hernández in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, gunfire suddenly rang out, and he barely dodged bullets meant for him. Lurking around the field... Continue Reading →

Drugs, Dams and Power

The Intercept, March 2016. The murder of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres. Early in the morning on March 3, in La Esperanza, Honduras, unidentified men broke into the home of the environmental activist Berta Cáceres and murdered her. Cáceres was the cofounder of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Movements of Honduras (COPINH) and the 2015... Continue Reading →

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