The communities of the Bajo Lempa take on Bukele’s State of Exception

Insider, December 2022. Photos by Fred Ramos. This reporting was supported by the International Women's Media Foundation. SISIGUAYO, EL SALVADOR — On the morning that Walber Rodriguez was arrested last May, he was just two minutes from his home in Sisiguayo, El Salvador. Walber and his wife Estefany had worked the overnight shift at the... Continue Reading →

Isolation and belonging in northern Colombia

The New Yorker, December 2022. For Mónica Taboada-Tapia, making a documentary about the struggles of a transgender woman living in a small, remote community became a source of unexpected connection. // While scanning social media one day, the Colombian filmmaker Mónica Taboada-Tapia happened upon a video interview of a woman named Georgina. “I listened to... Continue Reading →

Humor, family, and exile

The New Yorker, September 2022. Film by Daniel Poler. About a decade ago, the filmmaker Daniel Poler was living in his native Venezuela and contemplating what it would mean to leave. He was a twenty-year-old film student, and his homeland was bearing toward misery. Poler chose to emigrate. His decision remains an open wound. “It... Continue Reading →

Un círculo de personas y empresas alrededor de JOH // A circle of people and companies around the former Honduran president

CLIP and Contracorriente, February 2022. With Jennifer Ávila and María Teresa Ronderos. El artículo original en español se encuentra después de la traducción al inglés. Ilustración: Candy Carvajal. The following is a translation of the original Spanish. Two non-profits, two diplomats, and the circle around the former Honduran president. As detained former Honduran President Juan... Continue Reading →

Reparando la red de la vida: entrevista con Evelyn Martínez Mejía sobre el feminismo decolonial en El Salvador

Lux and Alharaca, January 2022. In English below. Here is audio of the penultimate response. La economista y filósofa Evelyn Martínez Mejía considera que los feminismos decoloniales son claves para entender las crisis actuales y recuperar los lazos comunales dialogando con el pasado. En conversación con su amiga, la periodista Danielle Mackey, examina la realidad... Continue Reading →

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