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Heroes, Terrorists and the Police: From Chicago to El Salvador

The Chicago Reader, February 2020. With The Invisible Institute. Officer Salvador Enrique Chavez stood ready to apprehend a colleague accused of murder. It was December 29, 2017. The 40-year-old was … Continue reading

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Crime, Political Corruption Threaten Union Organizing in Honduras and El Salvador

Equal Times, March 2020. En español, français. Photographs by Martín Cálix. On an average day, Joel Almendares is counselling Honduran middle and high school students about how to excel in … Continue reading

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Al interior del complot para asesinar a Berta Cáceres // Inside the Plot to Kill a Honduran Activist

The Intercept, Diciembre 2019. In English here. Leia em português. Con Chiara Eisner. Ya pasaron más de tres años desde que Berta Cáceres fue asesinada en su casa en Honduras. … Continue reading

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The Criminal Age // Tiempo de crímenes

Contra Corriente, Oct 2019. En español aquí. With Jennifer Ávila. A trial in New York reveals narco control in Honduras   *This article has been amended since its original publication … Continue reading

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Where the Bodies are Buried // Drones sobrevuelan tierras de fosas

The Verge, May 2019. En español en Periodistas de a Pie. Photography by Ximena Natera, with reporting support from Miguel Ángel León Carmona. Mexico’s drug war has left tens of … Continue reading

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Leaving the Battlefield

The Intercept, November 2018. There are an estimated 60,000 gang members in El Salvador. Benjamin knew many who wanted to leave the gangs. He wanted to show them it was … Continue reading

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Historic shift in U.S. policy divides federal agencies and Trump administration over how to address gang violence

The Intercept, October 2018. With Cora Currier. Leia em português. Oswaldo joined the Salvadoran gang Barrio 18 when he was 14 years old. By the time he was in his … Continue reading

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