Danielle Mackey



Based in San Salvador and New York.  Iowan.

Investigative, longform journalist interested in security and development in Central America and the US.  Storyteller.

My work has appeared in The Intercept, The New Yorker.com, Foreign Policy, The New Republic.com, and Le Monde Diplomatique, among others. I’m also part-time staff on the research teams at The Intercept and Field of Vision, where I’ve contributed to investigative features like these and films like these. Finally, I work as an interpreter/translator for various US media outlets and journalists.

I’ve spent most of the past decade in El Salvador. Former teacher, NGO-worker and horse trainer.

Diehard fan of the Latin American cuento/crónica; will stop everything, always, for kittens; have discovered life’s one objective truth: it’s time for more coffee.


Contact me via email (dmack08@gmail.com), Skype (DanielaES85), Twitter, Facebook or Signal.

PGP: 3AA4 8D50 809F ADB2 0A1C CCB1 B524 CDEB 5528 528A

OTR Jabber: 9CA894B5 82C13BEB 8F228172 33186E66 0504C481

P.S. A brief service announcement for the teenage boys of Twitter: I am not Danielle Mackey the gamer. I’m sure she’s great. But it’s for you guys that I use this damn three-name byline.



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