All the President’s Trolls // Los mercenarios digitales de Ecuador

Rest of World, June 2020. En español aquí. Luisana Aguilar Alvarado contributed reporting.   It was early October 2019, and Quito was on fire. Smoke from Molotov cocktails and tear gas blanketed buildings, mixing with the flames of burning tires. Whole families marched in the melee. Men with T-shirts tied around their mouths threw rocks... Continue Reading →

Al interior del complot para asesinar a Berta Cáceres // Inside the Plot to Kill a Honduran Activist

The Intercept, Diciembre 2019. In English here. Leia em português. Con Chiara Eisner. Ya pasaron más de tres años desde que Berta Cáceres fue asesinada en su casa en Honduras. Cáceres era una activista de 44 años, madre y una celebridad mundial —recibió el Premio Ambiental Goldman en el año 2015 por dirigir una campaña... Continue Reading →

The Rise of the Net Center: Anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala vs. an army of trolls

The Intercept, April 2018. With Cora Currier. En Español aquí. At 6:02 A.M. on August 27, 2017, the president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, uploaded a video statement to Twitter declaring the former Colombian judge Iván Velásquez a persona non grata and ordering his expulsion from the country. Velásquez is investigating corruption on behalf of a United Nations-backed commission... Continue Reading →

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