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Otros Mundos son Posibles // Other Worlds are Possible: Gustavo Castro

The Intercept, April 2016. An interview with the sole witness of the murder of Berta Cáceres. Leer en español, y aquí abajo. Gustavo Castro was the sole witness to the murder on March … Continue reading

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Central America’s Hip-Hop Guerreras

The Establishment, April 2016. In the U.S. media, Central America and Mexico mostly appear as places overpowered by corruption and skyrocketing murder rates. Violence is a defining characteristic of life here, … Continue reading

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Drugs, Dams and Power

The Intercept, March 2016. The murder of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres. Early in the morning on March 3, in La Esperanza, Honduras, unidentified men broke into the home of the environmental … Continue reading

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A Salvadoran writer goes into exile

The New Yorker, February 2016. Before it dawned on him that he would have to flee his country—a realization aided by a series of death threats in November of last … Continue reading

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E.U.-U.S. trade treaty would allow corporations to sue governments

Al Jazeera America, May 2015. A proposed trade agreement between the United States and the European Union that would allow corporations to sue governments has Europeans up in arms. The … Continue reading

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Charter Cities: A dangerous U.S. economic experiment in Honduras

The New Republic, December 2014. It’s lunchtime at Maritza Grande’s oceanside restaurant in the Fonseca Gulf of Honduras. She scurries from the kitchen, where she is frying fish and plantains … Continue reading

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What Awaits Unaccompanied Minors in New York

CityLimits, October 2014. Angelica is one of the lucky ones. A “smart and bubbly” 8 year old Honduran girl who “loves, loves, loves math,” according to the director of the legal … Continue reading

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Outsourced war: “You can pretty much do almost anything and keep your contracts.”

  Le Monde Diplomatique, July 2014. In January 2008, a 24-year-old Green Beret from Pennsylvania, Ryan Maseth, was electrocuted and killed while showering at Radwaniyah US base in Iraq. The cause, his … Continue reading

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In a world of borderless business, who can enforce human rights?

  Le Monde Diplomatique, July 2014. In 1994, nine Nigerian environmental and social justice activists were arrested by their government, then tortured and hanged. Throughout the 1990s, they had protested the … Continue reading

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Transgender Salvadorans legally allowed to vote for first time

The Global Post, March 2014. With Gloria Morán. With victory in tow, LGBT rights groups now push new president to end violence, corruption and discrimination. March 26, 2014 SAN SALVADOR … Continue reading

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